What We Offer

We specialize in Risk Engineering and Construction Risk Management, providing services that range from site surveys and progress monitoring, to risk based advisory and life-cycle O&M engineering

Risk Engineering Surveys and Progress Monitoring

There is a worldwide increasing demand for infrastructure, power and civil engineering projects, however in a very competitive market and volatile economic environment. This calls for expert’s input and targeted Risk engineering management to raise Risk awareness and inform critical decision making that suits the Risk appetite of the stakeholders. In this sensitive construction industry environment, we deliver bespoke Risk engineering management solutions and a tailored set of consulting services for

  • Railways, Highways and Bridges
  • Dams and Hydropower Plants
  • Industrial Facilities and Real Estate Developments.

We carry out and support risk engineering site surveys and audits, benchmarking against the international risk management best practices and progress monitoring of DSU/ALOP coverage for a broad spectrum of infrastructure and construction projects, ranging from underground works and railways to highways and bridges, dams and hydropower plants, industrial facilities and real estate developments.

Risk Engineering Advisory

Urbanisation and the need for new transport routes and sustainable energy production, dictate the construction of more underground works in urban and mountainous areas, such as metropolitan railways, deep tunnels, underground power plants and deep basements. Inevitably, underground works are associated with increased inherent risks and customised construction techniques.

This necessitates a proactive risk approach and robust risk management tools to ensure that all project specific hazards and risks are identified, adequately and appropriately managed and reviewed. We carry out Risk Engineering surveys and benchmarking exercises against the Code of Practice for Risk Management of Tunnel Works, currently required by all major international construction insurers. The project stakeholders will benefit from increased certainty on financial exposure, provision of contingencies and insurance cover and hence on total cost of risk.

We deliver project specific risk engineering management studies and reviews, risk based design optimization, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and impact assessment, independent technical assessment in claims management and forensic engineering, Probable Maximum Loss (PML) studies and underwriting summary reports.


Life Cycle and O&M Engineering

Existing and new structures have a desired service life during which certain engineering criteria must be met. Aiming towards a sustainable future, a Life Cycle assessment must be carried out in order to increase the lifetime and guarantee the health of a structure through cost effective maintenance strategies.

A robust reliability assessment accompanied with Risk engineering recommendations will provide the owner and operator with important decision making tools, thus enabling prioritisation of actions and minimisation of Risk and potential financial exposure. This can add significant value to Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects with long Operation and Maintenance (O&M) periods. We carry out and deliver state-of-the-art performance and reliability based Life Cycle analysis and service life assessment, including Risk and reliability of maintenance schemes and interventions in defence of catastrophic events.

Ruler is a member of the International Association for Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE)