Life-Cycle Robustness of Fastening Technology –A Christian Doppler Laboratory: In January 2014 the Christian

Doppler (CD) Laboratory for Life-Cycle Robustness in Fastening Technology starts its activity at the University of

Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna. This newly established center is dedicated to the development of life-

cycle robustness in fastening technology. Herein, robust fastening systems are defined as systems that are able to

maintain their intended function with the required safety level throughout their life-cycle, in spite of ageing,

environmental influences, changes in usage, extreme events, or damage. Within this contribution the vision of life-

cycle robustness will be introduced and a systematic interdisciplinary approach consisting of intensive literature

review, advanced numerical simulations and experimental investigations supported by novel non-contact full field

measurement systems will be presented. The output of the research project not only enables the assessment of

existing fastening systems with regard to their remaining service life but especially provides the basis for the

optimized development of new products and technologies. Finally, the project will yield the basis for performance

based design concepts in fastening technology and transparent safety levels.

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